Welcome to CANDo Life Skills

The CANDo Life Skills series are a selection of Books, Guides and eCourses I’ve written via my CANDo Life Skills site. They offer kick-ass, CANDoable ideas for ways to shake up your life and grab back a bit more control so that you can make it a little more successful

My first love is writing fiction books where I can create characters that head off on adventures and achieve their dreams. However, with CANDo Life Skills I find my writing doubly rewarding. Why? Because it helps real people realise how much control they have to mould their own life into an adventure and achieve the things they personally aspire to.

I hope you’ll find inspiration in some of these publications too.

Care Label Guide Cover

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You have a Care Label, but if it’s faded to the point that it can’t be read, how can your partner or potential partner know how to care for you the way you want (and deserve) to be cared for? If you want to put some fizzle back into your love life, then this guide invites you to rediscover the care instructions on your Care Label and break out of the established bad habits and routines that are sabotaging love in your life.

The Parent Pledge Cover 2

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About the Book

The Parent Pledge is a motivator; an in-your-face, say-it-how-it-is reminder of just what being a parent is all about. Stop babysitting and start preparing your children for the real world.